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Sibling Workshop! 

We are offering a great new activity this year, a Sibling Workshop!  The workshop is designed for siblings of kids with mosaic Down syndrome or Down syndrome who are eight years old and older.

  The idea is to get siblings in a room with other siblings to talk about their feelings of having a brother or sister with mDs or Ds.   We will have a great time playing games and doing great activities to get them to share both positive and negative experiences with each other.  Parents are not allowed, which enables kids to share their thoughts and feelings without any inhibitions.  It provides support to the children who have the invisible disability - as parents we find support within our own group, but don’t always think of our typically developing kids.

Below is a testimony from a mom of three children, one of which has Ds, whose typical daughter attended our breakout session, 

“One of the best things this year was the Sibling Workshop.  My 9 year old went and when she got back I could see she was overflowing with affection for both of her siblings, and was looking at her older sister (with Ds) with new- and more compassionate eyes.  As another mom said, “It is great for them to meet others on a similar journey and know that they are not alone.”  

This workshop is included in your kid kamp registration!

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