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Family Connect

Uniting Unique People in a Unique World

Here at IMDSA we know just how hard it is to find someone to connect with whose lives have been touch with mDs and that's why we have our Family Connect program. The program allows you to connect with other families that live in your area, to chat, to share experiences and to grow together. 

We are looking for volunteers to help further this aim and would love to expand our program. You’ll be given lots of support from the IMDSA team and can take things a step at a time so there really is nothing to fear if you get involved. If you’re interested in taking part please get In touch by clicking here

You will find the families listed by state, then it will list their name, city, email address, child's name and year the child was born. 

If for any reason there is a mistake, or you would like for IMDSA to remove your name off any of the listings please email to have the changes made.

* Remember you must be login to review the list* Click here to join.

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