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mDS Newsletter - June 2022

For many of you, school is out and summer break has already begun. It's a time for kicking back a bit from our hectic work lives, to enjoy nature, a family vacation or neighborhood celebration, and maybe even trying something new. Consider a summer fundraiser for IMDSA with a lemonade stand, a bike-a-thon, or putting on a backyard play with all your friends. Use your creativity and share your fundraising ideas with me for our next newsletter:

Fundraising for IMDSA Research

You might be asking yourself, What can I do to support IMDSA? How can I fundraise for IMDSA? You can start by reading about IMDSA member Roxanne Batezel's 2022 grassroots fundraising effort that began 10 years ago to coincide with World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Roxanne lives in Colorado, with her husband Tony. They have two sons, Casey and Rob. Rob is a 32 year old self-advocate born with mosiac Down Syndrome.

Learn why research funding is so important to our growing community

Grassroots Fundraising Leads to Bowling for Dollars

Roxanne Batezel and her family have been holding IMDSA fundraisers in honor of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day (March 21st) for the last ten years.  They began fundraising by organizing and selling tickets to a benefit concert performed by local musicians, followed by a silent auction.  Roxanne asked personal friends (who just happened to be musicians) and a few professional musicians to volunteer their time to perform at a local restaurant or pub where she could charge a nominal fee where all of the profits went to IMDSA.

Get inspired by Roxanne's success and begin planning your own fundraiser

Bowl-a-thon Resource Kit

Meet Self Advocate Rob Batezel

Rob Batezel is a 32 year old self advocate with mDS, who works as a shop assistant/welder at a local welding shop.  He has worked there full-time for the last 9 years.  Rob graduated from High School in 2009 from an Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound School with his High School Diploma and 16 college credits from a High School program connected to the local Community College.  He went to 4 years of college and earned 6 welding certificates.  Vocational Rehabilitation helped to pay for some of his college and then they helped him get his job at Distinctive Welding.  Rob still lives at home because housing is expensive in Fort Collins, but he pays for all of his other bills and just paid off his truck.  He gets medical insurance from Medicaid buy-in program and that has worked very well for him. 

Read more about Rob's life and dreams

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