Present Studies


Dr. Dagmara Annaz

“Sleep Patterns in Individuals with Mosaic Down Syndrome”

•  Substantial evidence shows that sleep is an important part to healthy development of the child and contributes to optimal social and neuropsychological function.

•  Goal is to identify sleep patterns in individuals with mDs

Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

•  Identifying individual experiences in the workplace, and in job applications, that pertain to communication skills. She is developing an employment checklist for communication skills that can be used by employment counselors and job coaches

•  To study computer-related skills in adolescents and adults with Ds.

Dr. Colleen Jackson-Cook

•  Investigation of the effects of extra chromosome 21 on cellular aging

•  Determine the effects of an extra chromosome 21 on gene expression

•  Development of clinic tests for diagnosing mosaicism for trisomy 21

Christina Yeager MA, CCC-SLP

“Miscue Analysis with Children with Down Syndrome and Children with Reading Difficulties”

•  Determine similarities and differences in the processes of reading and comprehension

Dr. William Motley MD

“Eye Issues and Mosaic Down Syndrome”

•  Eye/vision issues are common in Ds community; however, little data exists regarding frequency or severity of ocular disorders among individuals with mDs.

•  Determining incidence of eye/vision issues in mDs community

Dr. Tracie Rosser Ph.D

Emory Down Syndrome Project and Congenital Heart Defects Project

•  Investigating Trisomy 21, leading cause of Ds, as a model to understand nondisjunction (scrutinizing biological questions associated with Ds)

•  Investigating medical problems associated with Ds (congenital heart defects)

•  Creation of comprehensive clinical, genetic and epidemiological database provides basis for cost-effective studies on Trisomy 21 and its clinical consequences.

Dr. Romina Villamonte Ph.D

“Determining norms of five balance tests in individuals with Ds/mDs”

etermining level of balance in individuals with Ds, mDs and general population

Ravin Winfrey BSc.

“Assessing Social Support Utilization and Needs among African American Parents of a Child with Down Syndrome”

•  Understanding cultural social supports for families

•  Assess social support needs and support utilization

•  Further understanding can yield insight into needs of different cultural and ethnic groups and increase availability of these resources.

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