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How to Approach Your School

•  Make an appointment to speak to the principal or head director.

•  Print out your Genes Day flyer (A sample is provided at the link for you to download and use.)

•  During your meeting show the Genes Day flyers to the principal/head director and explain that Genes Day is IMDSA's official awareness day for World Down Syndrome Day and why it is important to you.

•  If the students and/or staff in your school are not allowed to wear jeans to school, this could be a special exception and make the day extra fun for them.

•  If students and/or staff are allowed to wear jeans daily, then you could suggest that they be allowed to decorate their jeans for this special day.

•  Explain that you would like all of the school staff involved in this special day.

•  Ask the principal to pass out the Genes Day flyers to the students in the school, so they can take them home to parents.

•  During your fundraising time, you could suggest that classes or grades donate “Dimes for Down syndrome” and the top class/grade would receive a pizza party (donated by local pizza place)

•  Ask the principal to also post the Genes Day flyers in the teacher's lounge and hallways to remind everyone of Genes Day

•  On the week before Genes Day be sure staff understands their roles and students are reminded of the day.

•  On your designated Genes Day have students complete fun activities to understand mosaic Down syndrome or Down syndrome.

•  Have fun on Genes Day! This is a great time to spread awareness and educate others about mosaic Down syndrome and Down syndrome!

Example of what has been done.

Here is an example of what a mother did for her son's class for Genes Day.. Dimes for Down Syndrome Click the link..Genes Day Dimes For DS.pdf

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