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Being Politically Correct

In today's society there is a politically correct term for every facet of life. The same goes when discussing a person with a mosaic Down syndrome. Many people are often confused in pronouncing mosaic Down syndrome. It is not pronounced “Down's” and there is no apostrophe “s”. It is simply “Down”. When writing the word syndrome, the “s” is not capitalized. Often you will see the initials (mDs). This is certainly all right and appropriate.

A young girl with mDs said, “Kids first, mosaic Down syndrome second”. Her statement was a powerful one! Just because a person has mosaic Down syndrome does not mean that is who they are! People with mDs are just like everyone else. They feel the same feelings, have the same interests, and think the same thoughts.

When speaking about a person with mosaic Down syndrome, you would not say the person “is Mosaic” or “is Down syndrome”. Just as a person who has high blood pressure, you would not say the person “is high blood pressure”! In the same respect, you would not say “the mosaic Down syndrome person” or “the Down syndrome person”. The proper way to discuss a person with mosaic Down syndrome is “The person with mosaic Down syndrome”. But, please keep in mind, that this is only a medical diagnosis for that person, not who the person is. Children and Adults with mosaic Down syndrome have a wide variety of interests, capabilities, and talents. They have the same feelings that people without mDs have. They want to be included with their peers, just as someone without mDs would. People with mDs are…….. people !

‘The only handicap a person has, are the people around them!”

‘TM' Written by Kristy Colvin,  Past President and Co-Founder of IMDSA

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