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We realize that if your child has been just diagnosed with mosaic Down syndrome, you have many questions and may be worried about what this means for you and your child's future. Or, perhaps you have known quite some time that your child has MDS and have just found your way to IMDSA. Throughout our site we have included information pertaining to MDS and the aspects surrounding it. We hope that this information will help answer some of those questions you have right now.

International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association is nonprofit organization designed to provide support, information, and research to anyone touched by mosaic Down syndrome. IMDSA is run by families of individuals with mosaic Down syndrome and professionals interested in helping those with mDs. Each officer volunteers his or her time to IMDSA to help provide support, information, and research to those affected by MDS.


We have found that the best way of support is through others who have lived what you are living. Families can help you put your feelings and concerns into perspective and can provide you with a wealth of information. You can meet with these families through ouronline support group and through our Family Connect program . Also, our biennial research & awareness conference will provide you with a variety of information and support from others throughout the world.


IMDSA can provide you with information on mosaic Down syndrome in a variety of ways.

IMDSA provides a variety to helpful services to meet the needs of any individual interested in mosaic Down syndrome.

· Emotional support and information through our online support groups

· Toll free hotline

· Family Connect Program

· Research Connect Program

· Information Packet full of MDS information, research and inspirations*

· Multi-language Brochures for families and professionals

· Quarterly newsletter MOSAIC WORLD packed with news, tips & stories*

· Biennial Research & Awareness Conference *

· Awareness products to help you spread the word*

· Annual Genes Day to help you spread awareness in a fun way

*Special Membership Benefits


We at IMDSA realize the only way we will discover more about mosaic Down syndrome is through research. We work with several researchers and are consistently searching out more, so we can provide you with more information on this rare disorder. Through our website, newsletter, and mailings we can connect families and researchers together. Please visit our website often for updates on research activities in which you can be involved. During our biennial conference, IMDSA invites researchers to conduct their research on site. This allows researchers to observe many individuals with MDS and is most convenient for our families.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns. We are here to help!

International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association

PO Box 321, Grand Haven, MI, 49417
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